Operation Hope A Huge Success

Hart families opened their hearts and their wallets to help Hart families in need and children throughout the area with Hart's Operation Hope 2008 campaign.
Despite the punk economy, Hart families dug deep to donate gift cards, canned food, games, books, toys, blankets, socks and much, much more. 
Operation Hope is a join charity drive held in conjunction with the two other middle schools in town -- Pleasanton and Harvest Park.
Students leading this year's charity drive decided to help families at their own schools, and then donate any remaining items to charities beyond the schools. There were many Hart families that needed help, so the bulk of the donations went to those families. Remaining goods were donated to Toys for Tots.
Operation Hope started in early December and ended this week. Items collected will be distributed and/or picked up on Thursday. The charity drive was organized by the student council and leadership class.
Thank you to the many Hart families who gave so generously to this yera's Operation Hope!