Geography Bee Buzzes with Excitement

Hart's annual Geography Bee was a real nail-biter as two dozen students put their geography skills to the test at the schoolwide competition.
The first-place winner is 8th-grader Omar Sajjad from Mr. Tierney's second period U.S. history class. Omar correctly answered two out of three championship questions to take the top prize over fierce contender Rachel Reichenbach.
Rachel, 7th grade, nabbed the second-place title, followed by third-place student Augustin Chen, 6th grade.
Students have been gearing up for the geography bee for weeks as classes held their own mini bees to determine class winners. Students who won the class competitions went on to compete in Thursday's schoolwide geography bee contest, which lasted for a grueling six rounds.
Omar correctly answered these two questions:
1. The Gulf of Guinea is a major offshore oil exploration and drilling zone off the west coast of what continent? Africa.
2. Mexico City is located on the site of Tenochititlan, the island capital of what empired that was conquered by Spanish explorers in the 16th century? Aztec Empire.
In January, Omar will take a written qualifying test to determine if he will advance to the state bee in April. The geography bees are affiliated with the National Geographic Bee. Check out the GeoBee Quiz to test your geography skills. The 10 quiz questions are changed daily.
Congratulations to the classroom winners and the top three students!
Posted Thursday, Dec. 18