Pink Slips Hit Hart

Many Hart teachers and classified staff, like those at the other schools in town, have received the news that they may be laid off starting with the 2009-10 school year.
More than 35 staff members – teachers, office personnel and custodians -- received preliminary layoff notices in mid-March. Final layoff notices are sent in mid-May. Our hearts go out to these fine teachers and staff members who may lose their jobs.
The layoffs are part of the school district’s efforts to bridge an $8.7 million budget shortfall. A parcel tax the school board has put on June 2 ballot would offset some cuts by bringing in an estimated $4.5 million per year for Pleasanton schools.
While more than 35 Hart teachers and staff may ultimately be laid off, that does not mean Hart is losing dozens of teachers. The total loss to our teaching staff will be about three full-time teachers. Teachers with more seniority who currently work at other schools in the district will move to Hart to fill spots left vacant by less senior teachers who are laid off.
English, math, science and block classes received the blunt of Hart’s layoff notices. The math department stands to lose five teachers; block classes, five; English, three and science, two. In addition, some teachers will teach fewer classes next school year and move to part-time status. We also stand to lose custodial, clerical and aide assistance next school year.
It looks as if Hart will have at least 20 fewer class sections next school year. A class section equals one period of a class, such as one period of science or history. The reductions will be spread out throughout our program with the bulk of cuts being made in classes designed to support our academically at-risk students.
Although it appears there could be changes and challenges next fall at Hart, everyone will do all that’s possible to provide the same quality education that has always been offered.
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Most sincerely,
Steve Maher