State Tests Start May 4

Students in all grades will take the California STAR exams May 4-8, and 8th-graders will continue to be tested May 11 & 12.
STAR stands for Standardized Testing and Reporting. Students in grades two through 11 take these annual tests. Click here for info about the STAR program.
Students arrive at school at the regular time, but they will report to their second-period classrooms for testing. Testing will be held for the first couple of hours of each day. After that, students will attend all of their regular classes for abbreviated class periods.
A-period classes will be held at their regular time on test days.
See the file below for the bell schedule on test dates. The info also includes which tests are given on which dates, along with an introductory message from Vice Principal Matt Campbell.
Be extra certain that your kids arrive to school on time on testing dates. Students who arrive late will not be allowed into testing rooms. Make-up tests will be given May 14 & 15.
Eighth-graders only will take tests on May 11 & 12. Students in other grades will follow the testing bell schedule, even though they won't take tests. Students in the lower grades will be with their second-period teachers during testing, and then all students will have an altered bell schedule for the remainder of the day.