Students Get Citizenship Awards

Fifty-seven special Hart students were honored at the annual Citizenship Awards on May 26.
Each Hart teacher nominated a student who exemplifies the character traits touted by the school and district -- integrity, honesty, responsibility, respect, compassion and self-discipline. These students demonstrate overall outstanding citizenship in their daily lives.
Each teacher must submit a brief essay describing why the student they nominate should be honored with a Citizenship Award. These nominations are well thought out and not taken lightly. Nominations are kept secret until students and their families receive an invitation to the awards ceremony. The identity of the teacher who nominated each student is revealed that evening. It is a special event for both the students honored and the teachers, who present the awards to their nominees.
Our school is full of outstanding students, so you can appreciate how difficult it is for teachers to choose one student among many worthy candidates. Congratulations to this year's Citizenship Awards students!
Students honored are:

Brian Romo

Megan Goodman

Annie Geasa

Karissa Roach

Michael Hughes

Jimmy Mayo

Megan Banke

Chris Gandy

Raven Delk

Hailey Miller     

Veronica Gamon

Morgan Stanton

Connor Reid

Hannah Williams

Anthony Kuo

Lauren Nester

James Ritter

Yasmeen Ghavamian

Carly Robertson

Diana Lin

Azedeh Gomroki

Amanda Tuazon

Shona McCarthy

Priyanka Walimbe

Lauren Caldwell

Chloe Bantock

Sara Downey

Diane Reyes

Erin Parish

Arany Uthayakumar

Spencer Irby

Bailey Downum

Ian Parish

Celine McConnell

Cody Llerena

Devin Byrne

Christina Mitine

Brianna Grabowski

Katherine Jefferies

Katie Oross

Sam Gholami

James Angst

Susan Kim

Matt Samuli

Kelley Dixon

Vignesh Ravichandran

Makenzie Muller

Courtney Capurro

Anna Dotson

Nicole Wilson

Joseph Ponco   

Andrew Huang

Caitlin Reid

Aleece Hughes

Lauren Bedard

Cassandra Gray

Tiana Hodzic    

Posted May 27, 2009