Tri-Valley Athletic League

Hart is an active member of of the Tri-Valley Athletic League (TVAL).

The league maintains its own website to provide the latest sports news to schools, students and parents. Please visit to access sports schedules, game results and the league's constitution and bylaws.

The Tri-Valley Athletic League was founded in 2009 to provide for the administration of athletic competition among its member schools. Athletic participation is an integral part to the common mission of our schools and is viewed as an extension of our overall school programs. We hold the philosophy that participation in interscholastic athletics should be enjoyable with the purpose of benefiting students. Our league sports are developmental and competitive with goals of fostering the value of participation without overemphasizing winning. Additional goals of our league are to develop skills and an understanding of the chosen sport, develop an appreciation and respect for the team, as well as school, opponents and officials.           

The purpose of the organization league is:

A. To serve as an organization through which member schools can conduct and promote interscholastic athletic programs in a manner consistent with sound educational principals.

B. To establish the responsibility for the administration of the league’s athletic programs and to supervise such competition.

D. To provide a constitution and bylaws by which the interscholastic programs can be administered.