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FLEX Academy students are enrolled in classes at their home schools, in cohorts, to the extent possible. They also continue to be enrolled in the FLEX program. This means that FLEX students are in classes with teachers who are committed to teaching FLEX Academy for the entire school year and with other students who have opted-in to the FLEX Academy. 


All Pleasanton students are beginning the year in a remote learning model. When it is safe to return in-person families who have requested the FLEX Academy will be able to continue the remote learning model for the full-year. As conditions remain extremely fluid, we do understand that many families will continue to change their minds about returning to school, or not. We intend to accommodate the requests and starting both models (Hybrid and FLEX) together will help us do that while also providing students with access to the wide range of academic opportunities in the Pleasanton Unified School District. 


Our focus in the coming weeks is to provide our students with the best start to the school year. Our teachers have spent many hours preparing to provide students with a high-quality educational experience.

  • Both Hybrid or FLEX Academy models will follow the bell schedule of the school site, please refer to communications from the school principals for that information.
  • FLEX Students will follow any materials pick up schedule that your school site and teachers communicate. 

Thank you for your patience as we work to provide your students with options during this unprecedented time. We are all very excited to welcome students back to our classrooms this week. 


If you would like to change the FLEX designation for your student please email flexacademy@pleasantonusd.net and we will make that change. For changes in student courses please contact the counselor at the school.