What Does the PTSA Fund?

The PTSA funds grants and special requests submitted by the administration and staff. Most requests are for technological devices and supplemental classroom supplies.

Projects funded, to date in 2019-2020, by the PTSA include:

      • First Annual Ice Cream Social
      • Book Fair, which ended up earning $2k for the library
      • Weekly Woof Parent e-Newsletter
      • Reflections Art Program
      • Family Programs (STEAM Night, Parent Education Speakers)
      • Grants for Teachers and staff for classroom equipment/supplies and professional development
      • Signage to improve safety in traffic loop
      • Umbrellas in the quad/lunch area tables
      • Spike ball sets for lunchtime tournaments
      • Games boards, cards for Access period classes
      • Other projects funded
$698.04, 63 Calculators
$350.00, GSA Student club
$491.39, Classroom Yoga Kit
$400.00, Book Club Books
$450.00 Pear Deck Premium Account
$895.50, Student Motivation Course for 7th grade
$1,024.39 9 Square in the Air
      • $16,000 in departmental grants 
Grant 1 Void - Ms. Swenson requested $1,450 for Red cat Access. The district provided this items to staff this
Grant 2 - Andrea Swenson, $698.59 for Class sets of calculators (7classrooms)
Grant 3 - Kelsey Hartman, $350 forGSA spirit T-shirts and publicity materials
Grant 4 - Jane Maker, $491.39 for classroom yoga kit with supplies for 12 students
Grant 5 - Cassidy Booe, $400 for Book club books for 7th grade ELA students
Grant 6 - Ms. Rocha, Ms. Booe, Ms.Breen $450,for Pear Desk Premium Account
Grant 7 - Stacy Alcorn, $895.50 for Dave Stuart Student Motivation Course (5 staff)
Grant 8 - Eric Schuh, $872.91 for 9 Square in the Air game
Grant 9 - Eric Shuh, $129.39 shipping for 9 Square in the Air game
Grant 10 - Void: Eric Shuhrequested $60.22 for eight Connect Four games for Access. Paid for from
Student Engagement
Grant 11 - Void: Erin van deer Zee requested $102.55 for board and card games for Access. Paid for fro.
student Engagement
Grant 12 - Jean Hughes, $61.14 for iPad cases and protectors for iPads she was able to have funded
through a Donors Choose
Grant 13 - Ms. Sweet and Ms. Hill, $1846.53 for grade level fiction for two 8th grade ELA classrooms

Thank you to the many Hart families who give generously of their money and time to support our students, school, and the PTSA.

If you'd like to help the PTSA determine how our resources are spent on campus, please attend the PTSA Association Meetings. We welcome your participation and input.

To see projects funded by PTSA in previous years, click here.
You can find this year's approved budget below.