What Does the PTSA Fund?

The PTSA funds grants and special requests submitted by the administration and staff. Most requests are for technological devices and supplemental classroom supplies.


Projects funded by the PTSA include:

      • Ice Cream Social
      • Book Fair, which ended up earning $2k for the library
      • $16,000 in departmental grants
      • Weekly Woof Parent e-Newsletter
      • Reflections Art Program
      • Family Programs (STEAM Night, Parent Education Speakers)
      • Wireless mouse, Color Laserjet printer
      • Folding chairs for assemblies
      • New Marquee
      • Grants for Teachers and staff for classroom equipment/supplies and professional development

Spot light and two microphones

Cheza Nami Assembly

iPads and cases

100 t-shirts for choir events

Mindfulness Kit

Handheld condenser mic

Sewing machines

Classroom amplification system

Science and Technology Books

44 Bose Soundtrack Revolve speakers, accessories for systems
      • Grants This Year:

$698.04, 63 Calculators

$350.00, GSA Student club

$491.39, Classroom Yoga Kit

$400.00, Book Club Books

$450.00, Pear Deck Premium Account

$895.50, Student Motivation Course for 7th grade

$1,024.39 9 Square in the Air

  •  Through the Principal's Initiative:
Signage to improve safety in traffic loop
Umbrellas in the quad/lunch area tables
Spike ball sets for lunchtime tournaments
  • Through Student Engagement
First Annual Ice Cream Social
Games boards, cards for Access period classes

Thank you to the many Hart families who give generously of their money and time to support our students, school, and the PTSA.


If you'd like to help the PTSA determine how our resources are spent on campus, please attend the PTSA Association Meetings. We welcome your participation and input.