Attendance Policies » Tardy Policy

Tardy Policy

Students must be in their assigned classroom when the bell rings to begin each period. If a student arrives late, he/she must stop at the attendance window for an admit slip before proceeding to class.

All tardies must by cleared by a parent or guardian by either:
  • Signing in with their student at the attendance window
  • Sending a signed note
  • Calling the attendance line with the reason for the late arrival
Tardy Consequences
  • 1st -- Teacher issues a warning.
  • 2nd -- Teacher uses own classroom method for consequence (e.g sentences, own class detention, clean-up detail, parent phone call, etc.)
  • 3rd -- Parent letter informing parent of tardy situation and review of policy (from teacher)
  • 4th -- Saturday school (first 1 1/2 hour only)
  • 5th -- Second parent letter with conference request (from office)
  • 6th -- Saturday school (full 3 hours and possible referral to our district school attendance review board (SARB) committee)
  • 7th and more -- Discipline referral each time.

All absences from classes or tardies that are not cleared by a parent within 48 hours are considered cuts and will result in a referral and disciplinary action.