Honor Choirs

Congratulations to Annika Gangopadyay and Ryan Kim for representing Hart MS at All State Choir last year (2017-18)!


Sign up for an audition time here, Ms McClimon will do recordings the week of Sept 10-13 after school only:


Junior High/9th Grade All-State Honor Choir

The California Choral Directors Association board is pleased to announce auditions for the Junior High All-State Honor Choir. We are using an online audition format through opusevent.com, To audition, you need to be a member of Hart MS Choir, 7th or 8th grade. If you are accepted you would rehearse for three days and perform in San Jose, in March. Conductor: Dr. Rollo Dilworth, Composer, Arranger, Conductor, and Professor at Temple University!


September 6, 2018: Fill out the attached form if you would like to audition. Go online to Signup Genius and sign up for a time. No shows will not be made up.

September 10-13: Ms. McClimon will record auditions after school.

November 15, 2018:  Teachers notified of audition results

November 30, 2018: Fees to be paid online at the Junior High/9th Grade Honor Choir page.

December 2018: Music sent to singers upon receipt of required materials via email and payment

March 14, 2019: Honor Choir Registration, Downtown San Jose, California

March 14-16, 2019: Honor Choir rehearsals in San Jose. You will miss two days of school; you will need to have field trip forms and get work ahead of time from teachers.

March 16, 2019: Concert (11:00am) St. Joseph Cathedral, San Jose, CA


Audition fee: $15 (paid by Hart Middle School)

Participation fee: $210 (non-refundable) includes expenses for Honor Choir conductor, accompanist, rehearsal and performance facilities, music packet and rehearsal voice files, concert program, office materials, digital video and audio downloads of the concert, and miscellaneous costs. This fee does not include housing, meals, or travel.


Each Honor Choir participant must be accompanied to San Jose by a parent or other designated chaperone, age 21 or older. It is permissible for one chaperone to be responsible for more than one singer.

Meals and Travel

Singers and chaperones are responsible for all meal costs in San Jose and travel to San Jose.


The Junior High Honor Choir Concert will be presented in the beautiful St. Joseph’s Cathedral on Saturday, March 16th at 11:00am. Concert Tickets are $10 and will be made available ONLINE one week before the concert.

Required Vocal Audition Elements:

Element 1

Upper Range Vocalization (determine your highest pitch and sing an acapella ascending major scale up to that pitch from low “do” to high “do” and stop). Either solfege or a neutral syllable is acceptable.

Element 2

Lower Range Vocalization (determine your lowest pitch and sing an acapella descending major scale down to that pitch from high “do” to low “do” and stop). Either solfege or a neutral syllable is acceptable.

Notes on scales (Elements 1 & 2): Must be done on quarter notes with a tempo of 50-60 beats per minute; each scale must be done in one breath; each scale should be to the student’s highest or lowest BEST note, not possible note; each scale must be recorded on its own track; when completing the online application, you will be asked to select your starting pitch for each scale separately

Element 3

“My Country, ‘Tis of Thee” (America): Sing the first verse unaccompanied beginning on the pitch designated according to your chosen voice part.

Soprano: G, Alto: Db, Tenor: G, Baritone: E, Bass: C

Notes on “My Country Tis of Thee”:

Tempo: 80-90 beats per minute; Phrasing matters – breathe in appropriate places (not in the middle of a word); Embellishments, liberties with pitch/rhythm, etc. are NOT allowed; Diction can make the difference – enunciate clearly.

Good luck!

California All State Honor Choir Audition Application


I wish to record an audition for California All State Honor Choir, to be held in March 2019 in San Jose. CA. I have read and understand the information attached. I understand that if accepted I would need to represent the school well and will need a parent chaperone for the entire weekend.


Name, first and last ____________________________


Grade ___________ Choir Period ______


Voice Part: Soprano Alto Baritone


Student signature _________________________


Parent name _____________________________


Parent signature __________________________


Parent phone ____________________________


Parent email _____________________________


Height ____________ T Shirt Size ________


Please go to Sign up Genius to reserve a time to audition. This link is at:


hartmiddleschool.org > Students and Parents > Choirs > Honor Choir page