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Supply Lists

Supply lists are posted as a courtesy for parents who would like to buy their students' supplies for the school year.

Hart's teachers have worked together to create generic supply lists for each grade level. Please bear in mind that these lists are general recommendations for what might be needed during the school year. Some teachers may suggest items that are not on the list. You may find that your student won't need some items.
These lists are provided as a service to our parents so that they can get a jump-start on back-to-school shopping, if they so desire. Please note that no students will be denied any necessary school supplies in the classroom, regardless of whether they choose to buy their own supplies.
Classroom Donations

Please be mindful that some teachers may ask for donations at the start of the year to cover the cost of classroom supplies. These classroom donations cover everything from Spanish and math workbooks to art supplies and paper for the classroom.
Students will bring home these supply donation requests within the first few days of school. Some teachers will ask for flat donations to cover the cost of supplies. Some teachers will suggest certain items teachers would like their students to have.

There are absolutely no requirements to purchase classroom supplies. These are merely suggestions. All students will be provided with the supplies they need at school.
We thank you in advance for cooperating with our teachers, who are working within the school's tight budget to meet student and classroom needs.