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Walk-Thru FAQs

Please peruse these frequently asked questions to learn more about Hart’s Walk-thru registration process and how to prepare for the new school year.

Q. When is Walk-thru registration?
A. Please refer to our Walk-thru registration page for updated information.
Q. What is Walk-thru registration?
A. Walk-thru registration is required of all Hart students.  This is when all the registration forms for the new school year are turned in and donations accepted.  It is best if students are accompanied by adults. Certain stations must be visited before students can get their class schedules.
Q. Can I help at Walk-thru registration?
A. Yes! We need lots of volunteers to help with Walk thru registration.  
If you’d like to help, please look for the “Sign-up Genius” in mid – July on the Hart website to sign up for a morning or afternoon shift.
Q. Why do I have to provide TWO current proofs of residency?
A. TWO current proofs of residency are required to ensure that your family lives within the boundaries of the Pleasanton School District. Students who live outside Pleasanton and want to attend our schools must apply for the highly coveted slots within our award-winning district. We want to make sure that the students, who live within Pleasanton’s school district boundaries, are guaranteed access to our high quality schools.
Q. What are the acceptable proofs of residency?
A. These are the 7 acceptable items, please provide any combination of two Current (July/August) bills or statements showing service turned on in your name at the address for either:
  • PG& E
  • Water/Sewer
  • Landline phone
  • Garbage
  • Cable TV


  • Rental/ Lease agreement within the last 2 months (with name , address, signature and telephone number of lessee and lessor)


  • Close of Escrow “Final Buyers Statement” within the last 2 months

A California driver’s license, mortgage statement, auto registration or property tax bill are not acceptable proofs of residency.

Q. When do we pick up our registration packet?
A. You don’t. Hart’s registration is online. The online process saves time, money and paper. Please see the main Walk-thru registration page for registration details.

Q. How do we order yearbooks?

A. The Hart Future Fund website will have a link that will take you directly to the Yearbook Company, so you may purchase and pay for a yearbook online. After you place your yearbook order, you need to return to Hart’s Future Fund to complete registration.

Q. What donations may I make at Walk-thru registration?
A. You may make donations for PE clothes, Sports, organizers, Hart’s ASB School Wide Fundraiser, classroom donations, Husky Enrichment Fund. Student directories and library support are both online through Hart’s Future Fund at Walk-thru registration.

You may use credit or debit cards at Hart’s Future Fund for all above school items. If you prefer to make donations at walk-thru, please bring several checks. (i.e. PTSA, CNS, PPIE, HMS)


The PTSA (Parent-Teacher-Student Association) will accept credit cards for membership fees, directory orders and Husky Enrichment Fund donations.  The PPIE (Pleasanton Partnership in Education Foundation) will have a table at walk-thru registration for information and donations.

Q. What’s an organizer?
A. An organizer is a detailed notebook laid out as a calendar that allows your child to keep track of classroom assignments. The organizer also has important information for students, everything from the bell schedule and campus map to the dress code and discipline rules.

Organizers are provided to all students, a donation of $10 will be greatly appreciated.

Q. What is Q Parent Connection?
A. Q Parent Connection is the school district’s online system that allows parents to track their students’ progress, including grades, attendance, homework assignments and much more. On Q Parent Connection, you will need to update your phone numbers and email addresses, add emergency contacts and update your child’s medical information. Parents should already have their PINs and passwords for Q Parent Connection.
Q. Can I use my Smartphone or Tablets to access Q?
A. Actually, Q Parent Connection works best on a regular computer. We have discovered it doesn't work well on a tablet and REALLY doesn't work well on a smartphone
Q. Can a family use only one email address for both contacts?
A. No, it is very important that each contact have his or her own unique email address.  If both contacts have the same email address enter it for one contact only and leave the other contact's email address blank.
Q. What other important information is available on Q?
A. The information you update will be added directly into the district's automatic online system. This will help get important district information to you in a timely and accurate manner.

This important information is on Q:

  • Online Registration How to Video
  • On-Line Registration Help
  • PUSD Parent/Student Handbook
  • Attendance and Success
  • 2018 Student Calendar
  • Telecom & Network use Guidelines
  • Other Notices: Pesticide Notice, AHERA Notice, Diabetes Health Notice, National School Lunch program apply online and Free/Reduced Application
Q. What do I do if I have forgotten my PIN or password?
A. If you use a computer, instead of a phone or tablet, you can retrieve your PIN and password yourself, if, Q has your current email address and it’s not shared by another contact in Q.  Just click on the “Need Your Login Information?” link right under the PIN and password boxes.  You’ll be prompted for your email address and your log-in information will be sent there.

If that doesn’t work, contact your school site. (School Office will be open starting August 1.) If no one is available at your school, email Q Help at qhelp@pleasantonusd.net. Please allow 7 to 10 days for your password to be emailed to you.

Q. What do I do if my student is new to Hart or Pleasanton School District?
Q. Do students get their school pictures taken at Walk-thru registration?
A. Not at walk-thru. All school pictures will be taken after school starts during their PE classes.
Q. How do I pay for school lunches?
A. There will be a station at registration with info on Hart’s lunch program.  You may bring a check to pre-pay for lunches or you can choose to set up an online account using your home computer.
Q. Can I pay for my child lunch program with a credit card?
A. The school district offers an online payment system for its lunch program at myschoolbucks.com. There is a nominal fee each time you deposit money into your online lunch account.  You can use myschoolbucks website to track exactly how much money your child spends each day and what they are eating. You also can choose to be notified when your account balance runs low.